Pistol Parts

We have a wide selection of 1911 and AR15 pistol parts for you to choose from. We stock all the necessary parts to build a complete 1911 pistol and we carry AR15 pistol upper receivers for you to use with your existing AR15 pistol lower. Please refer to your local laws to determine what constitutes an AR15 pistol lower versus an AR15 rifle lower as they are physically similar, but the difference lies in how the law sees them e.g. the rule of thumb is “once a rifle, always a rifle” that is, once the lower has been a rifle, it cannot be used as a pistol lower. But again, always refer to federal, state, and local laws to make sure you stay within the rules and regulations.

Variety of pistol parts

Our 1911 parts selection includes everything you need to build a complete 1911, 80% frames, slides, parts kits, etc. We offer these parts with a variety of options such as frames with either smooth or checkered grips, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Slides come in carbon steel and stainless steel, with different serration patterns and cuts for different style sights. The choice is yours and you have free reign over how you want to build your 1911. If you want a very light carry or home defense pistol, build one from one of our aluminum frames. 7075 billet aluminum is extremely light and strong, although not as tough as carbon or stainless steel but it is durable enough to last you a lifetime. If you want a weapon that will take years of extreme abuse, then choose one of our carbon or stainless steel frames. 4140 carbon steel was made specifically for firearm use, as was the 416R stainless steel so frames made from these alloys will show very little wear outside of the usual wear and tear that all firearms experience. Go to our 1911 80% frame blanks page for a more detailed explanation of the differences between the properties of these materials

As usual all our parts and accessories are US made and meet or exceed all mil-spec requirements.