Muzzle Devices

Muzzle devices are also an important consideration for any rifle as they are first and foremost designed to protect the crown of a barrel which can easily be damaged if no muzzle device has been installed i.e. if you drop your rifle and damage the crown it will lose significant accuracy permanently. When considering the selection of a muzzle device it is of utmost importance to determine how you intend to use your rifle. Do you need to reduce muzzle flash and signature (the visual blast of gasses coming out and igniting as they come out from the end of the barrel upon firing), then a flash hider or a flash can is the best option for you as these devices reduce muzzle flash. If on the other hand you prefer to improve the accuracy of the rifle by directing gases in a particular pattern to reduce muzzle travel and keep your rifle on target then a muzzle brake is your best bet. One thing to note about muzzle brakes is the fact that they are considerably louder than flash hiders. There are also hybrid muzzle devices that claim to combine both properties, but in our experience they tend not to do the best job in either department. In the end, many users choose a muzzle device based on its aesthetics.

If you’re after form over function, then by all means choose the muzzle device that looks best to you and complements your AR15. But if you’re looking for a particular set up that will either reduce your AR’s flash signature, or make it more accurate, we can help you pick the right muzzle device for you. Keep in mind local rules and regulations which pertain to the configuration of your rifle and may impact the choices you may have available to you.

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