Ar15 free float and drop handguard

We have a wide variety of handguards to choose from. If you’re looking to customize and upgrade your AR15, we can help you no matter what your needs. Our selection includes both drop in and free float handguards. Depending on your application and preference, we can help you choose the one that’s right for you. If you’re a casual shooter and don’t plan on shooting farther than 200-300 yards, a drop in system may be preferable. If you’re looking for improved downrange accuracy at more than 300 yards, a free float system might be a better choice.

Ar15 handguards on sale

If you are on a budget, we suggest looking at a drop in system, they are easy to install, they are cheaper, and they offer the best bang for the buck. They all use the mil-spec delta ring assembly which attaches at the barrel nut and an end cap which is held in place by the gas block. The delta ring assembly allows for relatively easy removal of the handguard, which means that if you want to upgrade or just change your old one, it’s a fairly straightforward process. One thing to note is that since it attaches at two points, it will affect barrel harmonics, which will affect accuracy at longer ranges. The difference will become apparent beyond 100 yards, and obvious beyond 300. So if you plan on very long range shooting, you might want to consider a free float system.

If you want only the best on your AR15 and price is not a concern, we suggest a free float system. These systems are considerably more expensive than their drop in counterparts, but they allow for the best accuracy, and with innovations like Fortis Switch handguards, they have never been easier to install and use. Free float systems cost more, but they do not interfere with barrel harmonics, and thus make your rifle considerably more accurate at ranges beyond 300 yards. The trade off, apart from the price, is that sometimes different manufacturers use proprietary barrel nuts to affix their handguards, although this is a minor consideration.

We have products from such brands as Fortis, Magpul, Ergo, Troy Industries, and many more, so you can be sure that you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Regardless of your application we are sure we can meet your needs. As always all our products are made in the US.