Gas Blocks / Tubes

You may use either a low profile or railed gas block depending on the handguard and general set up of your upper receiver. They can be made from both aluminum and steel although we recommend not using low profile aluminum gas blocks as they tend to be of lower quality and fail more often. Low profile steel gas blocks are preferred, although aluminum gas blocks can be used if they are of the railed type. Gas blocks are generally fixed gas pressure, but there are also adjustable type blocks. Adjustable type gas blocks must be used if the rifle is going to be used with a suppressor and they work better for certain calibers. Adjustable type gas blocks also add the ability for additional tuning and better performance caused by over gassing. Ideally you want to have the least gas necessary for the rifle to cycle and still be reliable. Adjustable gas blocks allow for fine tuning of the rifle for optimal and most consistent cycling of the rifle. Gas system length determines the pressure e.g. pistol length gas system (shortest system available) will produce the highest amount of pressure and rifle length gas system will produce the least amount of pressure.