Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

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Questions about 80% Lowers!

How is it possible an 80 percent lower is Legal?

Under the Gun Control Act of 1968, it is Legal to build a weapon for your own personal use. The key here is YOU building it for YOUR own use! On the ATF’s website under their FAQ page you can see it for yourself at: www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/firearms-technology.html Since we are not lawyers, we suggest you do your own research!

Can I build an 80% Lower as a gift for a family member?
No, as stated above, You can only build it for your own use. If you build one and then give it to another person you are transferring it to someone else and this is not legal! You must follow strict guidelines to transfer firearms. You are also not allowed to manufacture for distribution to others.



Why is an 80% lower not considered a firearm and subject to transfer requirements? A 80% lower is just a piece of aluminum or steel. It is no different than a "Paper Weight". It has no place for a trigger and takes substantial work to finish and turn into a firearm. The moment you complete the required work it becomes a firearm and subject to all transfer requirements. Please check your local and state law.


Do I need to put serial numbers on my completed lower?
You are not required to put a serial number on the firearm since it is for your own personal use and not for sale or distribution. It is a good idea to mark your firearm somehow so that should it ever be stolen you have a way to identify it and report the loss to local law enforcement.
Please check your local and state law.

What if Law Enforcement sees me with my Unserialized gun and No Registration?
The gun control act of 1968 does not require a private individual who is making a firearm for personal use and not for sale or distribution to serialize it or register it. Laws are always changing but we are not aware of any law at this time which requires registration or serialization of firearms you manufacture yourself. Please check your local and state law

Can I make any firearm including an SBR / Full Auto / other weapon?
NO, because you must comply with all applicable laws and these types of weapons have additional requirments.
You must follow all Federal, State and Local Law There is a process for you to own those sorts of weapons and beyond the scope of whats provided on this site.

I am a felon and am restricted from owning a firearm, may I build one using this process?
Sorry but NO, you are restricted from owning a firearm!

How do I get a Barrel, Upper Receiver or other part to go with my 80% receiver?
We are glad you asked! We offer a full assortment of all the parts you may want to assemble a firearm. None of these items require registration but please be aware that you must comply with all applicable laws. Ex. if you use a short barrel intended for an AR Pistol and install it on a regular rifle you have built, you have created an SBR and subject to additional registration requirements so please be aware of the rules. You must follow all Federal, State and Local Law!

What is the difference between an Anodized and Raw 80% Lower Receiver?

Anodizing is a finish. If you want your lower to be black then go with the anodized if you want to do your own finish, go with raw.

If I get an anodized upper receiver what happens after I cut it?
After you cut it the inside portion that you cut will be raw. Many people will just leave it this way and put it together. This is up to you.

If I leave my 80 Percent Lower raw, will the receiver rust?
The 80% Lowers are aluminum and they will not rust. The 1911 should have a finish put on it after it is cut because it is Steel and will rust if left untreated.

What kind of finish should I use on my AR lower receivers?
We alway recommend either Duracoat / Cerakote. Otherwise, you can use any finish including spray paint.