AR15 Pistol Uppers

We have a wide selection of AR-15 pistol uppers for you to choose from. Fully assembled and ready to use with your lower receiver. Pistol uppers usually come with 7” barrels to 14.5 barrels. We considered an upper to be a pistol upper if barrel length of it is less than 16”. We offer AR15 pistol uppers in a variety of sizes ranging from 7” to 14.5” with different styles of handguards. As with our regular complete AR15 uppers, our pistol uppers come with both drop in and free float systems for you to choose from. Many of our customers prefer AR15 pistols in 300 blackout caliber and as such many our AR15 pistol uppers come in that caliber although we do offer AR15 pistol uppers chambered for 5.56 and 7.62 rounds. The reason for this is that 300BLK ammo is designed to used in shorter length barrels and this means it is ideal for use in an SBR or a pistol build.

Some pistol uppers are used on SBRs (short barrel rifles) although that is beyond the scope of this discussion. Keep in mind that all Federal, State, and Local laws apply. Another thing to keep in mind is that unless your AR15 lower is registered or considered a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) or a pistol, you should NEVER put a pistol upper on a rifle lower. This means that if your AR15 is registered as a rifle, you cannot legally put a pistol upper on it without special permission.

As always all our products are made in the USA and our parts only come from the most respected and dependable brands.