80% Lower Receiver Blanks

An 80% lower receiver blank is NOT considered a firearm or an actual lower receiver. Firearm can only be sold through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). The reason an 80% receiver blank is not considered a firearm is because it does not have a place to insert the fire control group, therefore being unable to be used as a working firearm. The 80% Blank is simply a piece of aluminum stock which needs to be machined in order to make it into a firearm. Typically this involves milling out the trigger group compartment and drilling the trigger retention pin holes. Once these operations are complete the 80% lower becomes a firearm and subject to all Federal, State, and Local laws. In fact even an improperly finished, or not entirely finished, 80% receiver can be considered a firearm so make sure to refer to all applicable laws and regulations. Once the receiver is completed to specifications, a parts kit needs to be installed, including fire control group (i.e. trigger group), pistol grip, buttstock, etc. Once that is done, you have a complete lower receiver. At that point all you need is an upper receiver, which you can either put together yourself just like you did with the lower, or you can buy one of the very many options we offer here at AR15-Supply. You then attach it to your complete lower and you will have a fully functioning AR15.

There are many benefits to completing an 80% lower receiver blank yourself. First, it doesn’t need to be registered since it is for your own personal use. Once it has been completed into a firearm, all laws apply regarding transfers or sales and you should be aware of these regulations as they will still apply. If you choose to later sell your firearm, you maybe required to add a serial number and other markings to transfer the firearm legally. Serial numbers are required on firearms so they can be tracked once they have been manufactured for sale. If you manufacture a firearm for your own personal use, you are not required to register the firearm, unless you want to later sell it. Keep in mind there are always exceptions and certain types of firearms may be excluded such as SBRs (Short Barrel Rifles), etc. Please make sure you check all the federal, state and local rules that apply as we are only providing general information and in no way should you consider this legal advice.

80% complete lower receiver

Second, you save a lot of money. Complete firearms when purchased from an FFL dealer include various taxes which you are not subject to when building your own firearm. Third, since you are doing the work yourself you can keep the tolerances as tight or as loose as you’d like. If you’re looking for precision, tighter tolerances might work better, if you’re looking for reliability no matter the conditions, looser tolerances are probably a better bet. Or you could try and find middle ground because you have the control over the entire process. Fourth you have complete control over which parts you use. When you buy a complete lower receiver, or a complete firearm, you get a package. If something in said package is not to your liking, you will have to spend more money to replace parts which you don’t like. Fifth, you can customize your lower receiver in any way you like including various finish and color options. For example if you know you that you will be getting a custom Cerakote color applied to your firearm, you may opt for a raw 80% lower blank, that way the coating will be consistent throughout.