1911 80% Frame Blanks

We provide only the highest quality 1911 parts made to mil-spec. Parts such as slides and small parts kits are drop in ready which you can custom fit to your liking. Both our slides and 80% frames come in different materials such as 7075 billet aluminum, 4140 steel, and 416R stainless steel. These are personal preference and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

7075 billet aluminum frames are light and are far easier to work with than their steel counterparts. The trade off is that they are not as durable and do not stand up to abuse as well as steel frames. However lighter weight gives these frames an advantage as they are easier to carry and they make an excellent home defense weapon.

4140 steel frames are stronger than the 416R stainless steel frames, but this comes at the price of susceptibility to corrosion. If you opt for a 4140 steel frame, you will need to get it coated in a protective finish such as cerakote, chrome, teflon, or another protective coating process. 4140 steel is high carbon steel, it has 0.4% of carbon, and undergoes heat treatment to increase its tensile strength.

As mentioned, 416R stainless steel frames are slightly weaker than 4140 steel frames because the steel has to be forged and hardened to make it suitable for firearm use. But these stainless steel frames offer better corrosion resistance. As such, you may choose to leave the frame and/or slide unfinished, or get either one coated in your color of choice for a custom two-tone look. But even though stainless steel even in raw state resists corrosion, it is still advisable to get it coated for added protection.

Regardless of which material you choose, if cared for properly, these frames will last you a lifetime. The only major consideration is weight. Aluminum frames offer better portability, but due to the large .45 ACP caliber, 1911s with aluminum frames are harder to manage, thus they have more recoil and are more difficult to master as opposed to their steel frame counterparts.

Our 1911 frames come in a variety of styles. We offer a 4.25” Bobtail Commander model frames in both 4140 Carbon steel and 416R stainless steel, 5” Standard Mil-Spec GI frames in 7075 billet aluminium, 4140 Carbon steel, and 416R stainless steel with or without a tactical 3G rail and with or without a checkered grip. One consideration to keep in mind when choosing between checkered and smooth grips is that if you get a smooth grip and later decide to get it checkered, the process could cost as much as the frame itself.